A signature inscribed in wine

“A wine of a refined subtlety which sets it apart from the rest. And a traditional character which blends in. Strong in character and highly individual, yet never obtrusive.”

This is a wine that bears one signature through and through: That of Roberto Ferrari, fervent grower, connoisseur, and lover of wine.

“In 2007, the time was ripe. After years of experience as Winemaker, I wanted, at long last, to create a wine which bore my name. The decision, then, to lay the foundation stone for Weinmanufaktur PROFIL Manifattura Vini – Roberto Ferrari was not a hard one to take. With the desire to infuse my wines an extra touch of personality as my constant guide, I began to get the best out of the grapes - in my name, with my signature.”

The fragrant and the sparkling, the surprising and the authentic – they can all be found at Winemanufacture - Weinmanufaktur - PROFIL - Manifattura Vini Roberto Ferrari today; Wines made with passion, skill and creativity, and a range from which every wine lover will find their own perfect match.

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